Gulu tsog su ngo va chod from TakTen House
Two digital stereo high qulity recordings made in little different time 2004-5(?)
Khalkha Djutsun Damba Rinpoche & students
Index of /mp3/gulu_tsog_su_ngo_va/

Index of /mp3/gulu_tsog_su_ngo_va/

src/                                               12-Feb-2018 03:05       -
MD1.cue                                            12-Feb-2018 03:12    1543
MD2.cue                                            12-Feb-2018 03:12    1703
Medieval_CUE_Splitter_v1.2.exe                     09-Feb-2018 18:15      1M
gulu_tsog_su_ngo_va_(MD1)(beta version edit).flac  09-Feb-2018 20:35    326M
gulu_tsog_su_ngo_va_(MD2)(beta version edit).flac  09-Feb-2018 20:34    356M

beta from 09/02/2018 (try later)
done: cut noise, track point
need: correct: stereo pan, track time/name in CUE
If your player not supports *.cue files, use Medieval CUE Splitter tool previously checked for the virus here (VirusTotal)
For mp3 recode (and split to tracks) use : Xrecode

edit: 12/02/2018